• Internal Walls: Each side of EPS foam is coated with Cat5 skin which sets like steel.
  • Interior Walls: Cat5 skin is spray-painted, resulting in a quick and professional finish.
  • Floors: 6-inch SIPs covered with vinyl flooring.
  • Electric & Plumbing: Conduit and outlets are preinstalled into walls, during manufacturing.
  • Kitchen: Cat5 skin is so strong that kitchen cabinets and doors are hung directly on it.
  • Weight: An 8’ x 4’ Cat5 SIP weighs only 45 lbs. and can easily be handled by two people.

Passive Components

  • Creates wall/floor panels of ultra-high energy efficiency to minimize energy consumption in low cost, rapid erection building/housing units.
  • Panel consists of a thin fiberglass skin used to encase and expanded polystyrene insulation core.
  • 40% lighter than a rough traditional panel and up to 70% lighter than a finished traditional panel.
  • Skin is approved Class II CAN/ULC Fire Rating, no further finishing required other than paint.
  • Available in standard thicknesses of 1, 4, and 6 inches, custom up to 12 inches are available.
  • Section dimensions up to 40 feet in length and up to 10 feet in width.


Modular Buildings constructed from Fiberglass Reinforced Fire Retardant Structural Insulated Panel or FRSIP.
Industry Already Established for Structural Insulated Panel butCat5 offers a Fire Retardant SIP (UL Class II Fire Rated) A Brand New Standard.