Cat5 Building Systems delivers proprietary, concrete block and EPS building solutions which are sustainable, Resilient, and extremely Energy efficient which when combined with our sister company’s products Cat5 Solar are capable of building “Net Zero” buildings. The system was developed by Malcolm Wright and first used in Orlando, FL in 2006 to minimize the effect of Tornado damage to buildings and to keep their occupants safe.

The other benefit of the Cat5 Building Systems is that 80% of the structure can be built using local unskilled labor in about half the time a traditional system takes to construct with the walls already containing conduit for the first fix of electric and plumbing. The U factors of the buildings shell are better than U 0.04 and the materials used wholly recyclable making the buildings safe and energy efficient.

The Cat5 concrete block system can be engineered to construct up to 8 stories high and the EPS solution up to 5 stories high. The Cat5 EPS system is ideal for fill in walls on multi-story buildings, for internal walls and for providing insulation for Tilt Walls systems for Sustainable and Resilient warehousing.